Sessions for 13-19 Year Olds

We deliver two evening sessions for young people aged 13-19 through the week.

Thursday Youth Hub

Youth Hub is delivered at Victoria Mill Community Library every Thursday. When the weather is good we tend to close the sessions and spend time doing detached sessions to meet people out on the estate.

Friday Evening  is delivered at St George’s Youth and Community Centre,
Within these sessions we deliver a range of activities for young people within the community. Music, media and arts are used for health and communication and to bring the community together. Sport and fitness are offered not only for developing health and fitness but to establish skills and accreditation around sports.

youth hub

We will always develop sessions and opportunities depending on consultation with young people within the community. This gives Young people an opportunity to tell us what you would like to do during these sessions.

Young people are involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of each session. We work with young people to ensure a collaborative approach to sessions so that they have as much ownership over the activities and projects as possible.