Detached Youth Work

As with all youth work, detached youth work uses the principles and practice of informal education to engage young people in a constructive dialogue about their needs, interests, concerns and lifestyles to support them in their personal and social development. Unlike centre-based
provision, detached youth work takes place in ‘non-institutional’ settings, spaces young people have much more control over. Primarily, but not exclusively, the work takes place in the street, but also in parks, cafés, shopping centres, and other spaces young people have chosen to be. This makes it accessible to young people who are unlikely to attend building-based provision. (Federation for Detached Youth work, “Detached work Guidance 2020”)

Stemming from our Big Local Funded work, we have established a detached youth work team that engage young people on the Collyhurst and South Harpurhey around Tavistock Square. We have recently added a team to work in East Manchester

Workers in North Manchester are out for 4 sessions per week, our team – Kenny, David and Quanita engage young people in conversation and dialogue and create positive activities with them.

The East Manchester Detached team is also out for 4 sessions over 2 days, establishing work with Young people.

From meeting young people on the street, workers engage them in conversation about life, helping them to negotiate some of the pitfalls and difficulties of socialising on the street. Through building positive relationships, workers help young people create positive activities and pathways into adulthood. These activities start as self-oriented. As workers develop the perspectives of young people, they evolve into community focussed work.

Through longterm work, we have seen young people develop a Social Enterprise and run a Community Event for the benefit of other young people across two communities.