February 18, 2015

Being a part of YPAC by Miles Platting and Collyhurst Young People

Our Tuesday Believe group have been sharing their thoughts as to why they come to the youth club….

“I like coming to the youth club, I like playing with my friends, chilling and making things”.

Y PAC is a happy and amazing place with kind and caring staff.
P laying , cooking , learning ,talking , acting and really fun activities.
A ctively socially engaging , and learning new things every day , for example at 5-o’clock we do a home- work club which helps us with are home work and makes homework FUN!!
C aring staff that help us and make sure we work are best!

The Tuesday Evening Youth Work Staff Team

Sharon: is a funny talkative and a good singer also she is an amazing cook!!

Kelly: is a smart funny bubble person amazing to talk to and also a amazing dancer!!!

Rachael: is like all our sister she is really funny and always jokes around and never stops making everyone smile!!!

Aaron: is an active person who always talks about being fit and never lets us eat junk food and also he’s really funny!!!

Lydia: is a quiet person (new to the club) I know she is a funny loud person inside!!!
What do you like about coming to the youth club?

Lilly & Morgan:
“To play and have lots of, fun, fun, fun! It gives us something to do on a Tuesday evening! We also like homework club, it helps to come into YPAC and do our homework, instead of doing it at home”.

“I enjoyed freestyling and learning a new dance tonight at youth club!”