November 30, 2018

Collyhurst Detached Project

Our new YPAC Youth Work team (consisting of Kenny, David and Shannon) have now been in post 3 months and cover the following three Detached Youth Work sessions:

  • Wednesday afternoon 3-5pm
  • Wednesday evening 7-10 pm; and
  • Thursday evening 7-10 pm

We’re currently covering the following areas: Collyhurst Village Park, Collyhurst Estate; Outside MCA & Tavistock Square, and Harpurhey.

Having built up relationships with young people in the area,we went Go Karting at Team Sport Karting, Manchester in November. We took 10 young people and this is what they had to say:

Q. Did you learn anything?  A. Yeah, how to stig, how to drive good.

Q. Did you enjoy anything? A. Yeah, I’ve enjoyed everything about it.

Q. Is there anything you didn’t enjoy?A. Na, it’s all good.

Q. Would you change anything?A. Turn them up a bit (Go Karts speed).

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