February 15, 2021

Everyone Can Play

Wednesday has seen a drop in numbers due to the pandemic, however, we are still getting some of our regular group in. With ECP the focus is on play, so we have designed the sessions with that in mind. YPAC was given a budget to purchase some new equipment which has had a large focus on arts and crafts i.e rock painting & fairy doors this has created the opportunity for the where young people to create their artwork during the session and then on a weekend go out into nature with their families and leave their artwork in there. There has been a really positive response to this idea, from both young people and their families.

Games are also at the forefront of the ECP sessions, the young people love playing classic party games such as musical statues and musical bumps. The new bingo set has gone down very well with this group also – especially when there is prizes involved!

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