August 17, 2018

Home is Here


YPAC Manchester is working alongside other youth projects in Manchester (Manchester Youth Zone and Trinity House) on a project called ‘Home is Here’.

The aim of the project is to bring together groups of people to identify local issues, connect young from different backgrounds and places, enabling young people to engage in debate, stimulate discussion, focusing on issues such as cyber bullying, hate crime, sterotypes, online propaganda and extremist groups.

With this in mind, our Friday evening session fitted the aims of the project really well as they were an established group of people aged 13-14 year olds.

So far Youth Workers from YPAC and Trinity House have visited each other’s projects to explore with young people how they define home within their own community.  Youth Workers also challenged the young people’s perception of what other communities are like and this brought up some negative views.  Over the coming months, YPAC will explore where these negative views have come from through discussion and debate with young people which will hopefully change their perception.

One way to continue discussion has been through the work YPAC have carried out with Odd Arts. Odd Art used photography and discussion to allow young people to talk about their feelings and how social media can be used to create an image which isn’t necessarily their reality!  These images were shown in an exhibition at Home Art Gallery, which is a creative space in Manchester.

Next time and, over the period of this project, we’ll tell you about our progress.  This will include working with Manchester Youth Zone, our Come Dine With Me experience at Trinity House.  A follow-up trip to YPAC is also to be made where the two projects will have food cooked for them by young people who attend our Friday session.

Sharon Bell, Youth Worker

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