May 26, 2014


YPAC’s new HAPPY Families programme employability focused sessions for 16-25 y/o – called Refresh; where we don’t simply want to look at just helping young people with a CV or a job search. We are taking a much more holistic of employment in that we want to explore the barriers in our lifestyles that 1) prevent young people from getting a job and 2) prevent young people from holding down a job.

We recently ran a survey among young people at the Youth Hub session around health and wellbeing, and one of the major patterns that emerged was the number of young people in the area that did not eat breakfast regularly. This was reinforced during conversations our staff had with young people at Refresh where the two biggest barriers that they identified were eating breakfast (and generally more healthily) and not drinking so much. We worked out through in one conversation with a young person that she had only eaten 600 calories that day – and it was 4pm at this point.

It is our job in this session to help our young people think through these issues and help them to make informed decisions for themselves about how they live their life. This is just one such example and since then we have used some of the time in a following Refresh session to try different breakfast foods with the young people – their major gripe being that they didn’t like breakfast food. These are small but significant steps for the journey these young people are on.