June 9, 2014

The Hub, using art to understand stigma attached to mental health

With our new Happy Families project, our main aim is to raise Health Awareness in the Community. As we work with young people, as professionals we are aware that mental health issues is on the rise within young people, and that the term “mental health” still has a negative stigma attached to it. In our Youth Hub session we have had the opportunity to carry out some amazing art work with our young people. This art work has been to express how they felt when asked about mental health, how we interact with those who have mental health issues and about negative stigma attached to it. On the other hand we have also been focusing on ways to overcome or cope with mental health problems and the positive aspects of mental health. It’s been great to have so many open and informal conversations with the young people about this.

the hub painting

Many thanks must go to our partners on this project too. Ed, Project Youth Worker from 42nd Street, a Manchester-based charity that supports young people and their mental health; And Evan, a professional artist/youth worker based in Moston. Both workers have helped us create an environment in which the young people have been able to express their feelings and knowledge of what Mental Health is through different types of art. The young people have used colours and photography together to express their emotions; They have taken part in painting workshops to point out negative and positive words about mental health; and then participants are currently using graffiti art as a way of expressing their understanding of mental health. The project is still running, and from this we hope to plan an exhibition with the young people who have been involved so all this beautiful work and knowledge can be shown to the local community. This has been a fun project for both young people and the staff using informal education. Have a look at the photos from the sessions in our Young People page.

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