June 30, 2014

Transitions group take a trip to the theatre to see the Lion King

YPAC took a group of young people from Year 6, Park View Primary School to Liverpool to experience the live stage production of The Lion King. As we set off on our journey all the young people were excited on the mini bus, all of us not quite knowing what to expect from the show. Arriving in Liverpool was a new experience for most of the young people, getting to experience the city for the first time.
So off the bus and straight to Nandos! We had a lovely sit down with the young people, who made a democratic decision that they all wanted to go to Nandos to eat. Once we had finished our meal, it was time to make our short journey over to the Empire theatre, along the way we got some great snaps of the young people enjoying some of Liverpool’s sights.
The show started with the iconic music The Circle of Life, as inspirational puppets of large elephants, monkeys, lions and tigers walked down the aisles towards the stage. The show was an awe inspiring amalgamation of puppetry, choreography, music and set design influenced by South African Culture.
The young people and staff really enjoyed this inspiration stage show, below are some quotes from the young people.
Quotes from Young people:
‘I enjoyed the costumes and the end part where they were all together and happy’ – Leah
‘I like looking at the costumes because they looked handmade’ – Morgan
‘I really enjoyed the theatre and it was really entertaining’ – Kelly
‘I like when the big lion came on stage’ – Lily

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