October 13, 2014

Trip to manchester Library

We took a group of 4 young people to visit the refurbished Manchester Central library on the first of July this visit was part of the Go Global See it Say it Do it project that YPAC has been involved with for the past two years
This visit involved a tour of the libray and all its facilities, we arrived at 4.30 meeting up with other groups who are part of the project mentioned above in the cafe the young people chose a drink and a yummy cake while admiring the amazing space where tables in the cafe had images projected on them.
One of the Kira one of the young girls pretended it was her house as we swept down the wide staircase al the group wanted to know more about the vault where all the archives are kept they could not believe that some books in there were worth thousands of pounds. The space is amazing and all of them want to go back to spend more time browsing through the books and enjoying the mix of old and new. It was so lovely to see that in this day of computers and digital media. The group’s love of books really shone through; we are going to go again very soon.

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