June 23, 2021

Tuesday Club Sponsored Walk

We had discussed with our Tuesday group about doing a sponsored walk to raise money for a Trip to the adventure experience at Manley Mere. They decided that, as Manchester had two very good Football teams, we would walk from Old Trafford stadium to the Etihad Stadium,

9 young people turned up on the evening and we decided as the weather was so hot we would catch the tram to United’s ground, we made sure we had plenty of water the journey went well with lots of chatting and laughter.

From the tram we had a short walk to the stadium when we arrived, they all had a run around and spoke to a group of young people who had travelled in a campervan from Scotland young people were taking pictures and going to the entrance asking where Rashford was.

From there we joined the canal, and the group were all enjoying themselves. It soon started to get uncomfortably hot. After half an hour we decided to get a tram back to the centre. We had managed 3.5 miles in extreme heat and the young people felt they had achieved a lot in the end and will look forward to the trip which we will plan with the group.

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