June 2, 2014

Youth Hub 20th March 2014 – Cracking Good Food

With our new HAPPY Families project we’ve had the opportunity to work with our young people on the Thursday Youth Hub about healthy cooking and fitness. We’ve ran several cooking sessions ourselves; however it was great to have the opportunity to bring in a qualified cook to run a focused cooking session with our young people.

The food of choice was savoury pancakes with a range of fillings from spicy chilli to mushrooms and spring onions. In their small groups the young people chopped everything they were cooking and made the batter for the (healthy!) pancakes. Whilst we might take something as simple as chopping vegetables for granted, we want to emphasise how significant it was for a lot of the young people to have a go preparing onions and coriander, and not just that but perhaps trying something like spring onion and spinach for the first time.

It doesn’t need to be said that the actual cooking part of the session was the most enjoyable for the group, getting to see what they had prepared turn into something quite delicious (not to mention the wonderful smells that were coming from the pans!). By the time the group had finished and were sharing the fillings out there was barely any left for the staff as the young people had finished it all. This was great to see from our perspective, but unfortunately deprived us youth workers with the free food which we love so much!

It’s fantastic to see our young people broadening their horizons, trying new things and learning new skills… and we hope that we can build on this success as we look to the future of YPAC and HAPPY Families.

A BIG thank you to Cracking Good Food ( for coming down and running the session with us as well.

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