March 23, 2020

YPAC COVID 19 Update

YPAC is changing all provision from this Monday (23rd March) in light of the guidance around COVID 19.

We will no longer be running any Youth Clubs for the foreseeable future.

We will be delivering detached work twice weekly on each estate. This will be to contact young people who have chosen to not be at home and offer support. This is not to create activities.

We will be delivering activity booklets for our Wednesday play attendees

We will be doing a lot more on social media, so add us on Instagram: ypac_manchester. Snapchat: ypacmcr facebook: ypac.manchester

Workers are still about to help if you need it, and if you need any support from us at any time, feel free to get in touch through social media, or by phoning the office on 0161 834 5665. We’ll get back to you as quick as possible.

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