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02 Jul '14

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30 Jun '14

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Transitions group take a trip to the theatre to see the Lion King

YPAC took a group of young people from Year 6, Park View Primary School to Liverpool to experience the live stage production of The Lion King. As we set off on our journey all the young people were excited on … Read More

09 Jun '14

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The Hub, using art to understand stigma attached to mental health

With our new Happy Families project, our main aim is to raise Health Awareness in the Community. As we work with young people, as professionals we are aware that mental health issues is on the rise within young people, and that the term “mental health” still has a negative stigma attached to it …Read More

02 Jun '14

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Youth Hub 20th March 2014 – Cracking Good Food

With our new HAPPY Families project we’ve had the opportunity to work with our young people on the Thursday Youth Hub about healthy cooking and fitness. We’ve ran several cooking sessions ourselves; however it was great to have the opportunity … Read More

26 May '14

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