Everyone Can Play

Every Wednesday evening at St Georges Youth and Community Centre, we run a Play session for age 6 up to the end of year 5.

Playwork has always been a huge part of St Georges Youth and Community Centre, the Centre from which we run a number of sessions. Parents who attended sessions now bring their children and it has a rich history within the community.

In 2015, the organisation that was running the sessions unfortunately needed to close. This meant that the play work sessions would stop in the Centre without someone intervening.  YPAC decided that the sessions were too valuable for the area to lose and took over the running of the sessions, 3 years later and the sessions are still going strong, run by local community members.

Everyone can play sessions are a mix of art, sport, games and imaginative play using all the spaces that St Georges has available. Children create play environments and workers help them develop and extend their play. From football games where they are Ronaldo and Messi to massive forts covered by parachutes, children get a chance to create worlds where they can enjoy themselves.

Sessions are free, and run term time from 4.30-6.30pm. They are funded by Young Manchester.