YPAC in Collyhurst

Big Local Ambassadors’ Project

Collyhurst was awarded a Big Local grant from the lottery.  As part of this funding, YPAC have been commissioned to increase the involvement of young people in how the grant is used. To do this, we have set up the Big Local Ambassadors’ project.

The aim of the project is to create a group of ambassadors who will help other young people apply for money for ideas they have to improve their community. There is a three stage process for this project. Firstly Discovery days, then the democratic voting process, then the creation of the Ambassadors group.

Discovery Days

We worked with Year 5 classes in local primary schools in Collyhurst to run Discovery days to introduce the ideas of creating projects to benefit the community and social action. The days consisted of practical sessions on considering how to communicate a picture, decisions making after a ship wreck, and creating a hunger cloth about the good, the great the bad and the ugly of Collyhurst.

After this, the classes split into groups to come up with project ideas that would benefit the local community. Having decided as a group on an idea to take forward they created a project proposal to present to the rest of the class. They then held a vote on which project they wanted to take forward as a school.

There were some stunning ideas, from community days, to welcome to Collyhurst Signs to creating environments for Bees to flourish in Collyhurst.

The Democratic voting process

From these days we went into the classes to discuss the Ambassadors project. We worked with each class on what an ambassador would do and democratic processes. We then challenged anyone who was interested in the class to write a statement to present to their class about why they would be a great ambassador, what they would bring to the group, how they would work in a team and why people should vote for them.

It was a privilege to hear the children describe themselves and their ideas and what they can believe they can bring. There were some really impressive and articulate speeches. At the end of the presentation, the class could vote for their top three. We made it clear that they should vote for the person they thought could bring the most to the Ambassadors group. At the end of the lesson, we then counted the votes and announced who the Ambassadors from that school were.

The Ambassadors Group

We are now in the process of working with the ambassadors to develop their decision making skills and create a way for people to propose ideas for the benefit of Collyhurst. It’s an exciting project so watch this space!