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How YPAC use your Information- Data Collection & Protection Statement May 2018 for Children and Young People

YPAC runs various activities with children, young people and young adult, most of which happen in Miles Platting, Ancoats and Collyhurst, such as:

Conversation on the streets, in parks, community spaces, shops, etc. (detached work) in the local neighbourhood
Sports and games activities in local parks / Multi-Games Areas
Clubs, Drop-Ins and projects in local buildings
Leisure and educational trips and residentials within and beyond Manchester

Information Collected on the basis of Legitimate Interest

In order to run our activities safely, within the law and to ensure we have parental permission

to take children aged under 18 yrs on trips, etc., we need to collect and hold some information

on you / your child on the basis of ‘Legitimate Interest’. The information we need to collect and

process is:

Participant’s full name
Date of Birth
Address & Postcode
Name, address & contact phone number of person with Parental Responsibility for child
Doctor’s Name / Address
Without the above information and your permission to process it, we will not be able to ensure your/your child’s safety and account for your child’s participation and our activity to our managers and funders; therefore you/your child will not be able to participate in organised YPAC activities, such as trips, projects and drop-ins / groups.


Information Collected on the basis of Consent

We also ask for the following information, in case of medical issues or emergency and to help

us ensure our activities are accessible to diverse groups:

Second (Emergency) Contact Name, phone number & relationship to child
Medical information
You do not have to give us this information in order for your child to take part in YPAC activities

but if you choose to, it helps us to care for you / your child more appropriately and to monitor

how accessible our activities are. We collect and process this information on the basis of your


How we process and use your Information

Using Your Personal Data / Information

YPAC uses the information provided by you

to safeguard and ensure the health and wellbeing of you/your child whilst we are working with you/your child;
contact you/your child about YPAC activities and in case of an emergency; and
to report on activities and impact of the project’s work, to young people, members,supporters and funders; in order to secure and account for funding; and to demonstrate public benefit; to ensure we comply with Equal Opportunities legislation.
Storing Personal Information

All personal information we process is processed by our staff in our office. YPAC stores the information you give us confidentially and securely on paper and on computer in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. It is only made accessible to YPAC staff and its authorised data processors. We keep the information provided for 7 years, after which it is destroyed.

Reporting to Managers, Members, Funders and Other Agencies

ALL DATA IS MADE ANONYMOUS FOR REPORTING. For example, we may tell a funder that

during the year Apr-16 to Mar-17, we worked with 562 children and young people, as follows:

Gender Breakdown: Female – 179 Male – 385

Age Breakdown:

0-6yrs – 22 children

7-12yrs – 188 children

13-19yrs – 304 young people

20-25yrs – 48 young adults

Ethnicity Breakdown:

Asian – 14%

Black – 45%

White – 25%

Dual Heritage – 16%

Geography: 421 children and young people are Miles Platting, Ancoats and Collyhurst residents

We do not collect any personal information from you/your child we do not need in order to undertake our work with you/your child. For Most activities, YPAC is the ‘controller’ of the personal information you provide and of any records we keep of when we meet with, or have conversations with, you/your child during our work. However, through some of our funding, we are part of the East Manchester Youth and Play Partnership, we sometimes share information across the 12 partners. More information about this is below.

East Manchester Youth and Play Partnership

YPAC are part of East Manchester Partnership, we share information with the partnership in order to report on funding bids we have with. We are a data processor for EYMPP. This means that for some of our sessions you will need to fill out two forms, one for accessing YPAC work, and the other to help us report to funders as part of the partnership. Full details of the partnership are found on the privacy statement on the reverse of the EMYPP form that you complete to participate in these EMYPP funded activities. The data controller for this information is 4CT. Any information is anonymised before shared with funding sources.

Errors, Deleting Information and Complaints

If you believe the information about you that we process is incorrect, you may request to see it and have it corrected or deleted. If you wish to raise a complaint on how we have handled your data, you can contact our Chair of Trustees at trustees@ypacmanchester.org.uk who will investigate. If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are not processing your personal information in accordance with the law, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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