What We Do

We run open access youth clubs, play work and detached Youthwork to enable young people to have fun, build healthy relationships, develop new skills learn about themselves and explore the world around them.
We work to give young people safe spaces to develop themselves and their understanding of the world to become active members of society.

Youth Work
for Good

Despite some beliefs about Areas of Multiple Deprivation, these are communities rich in life and vibrancy. Their young people and adults have the capacity to change the world around them for good.

We work to help young people develop a positive self identity, self esteem and establish positive relationships. Good Conversation and dialogue is central to what we do, and we work with young people to explore and name their world in order to make positive action in their lives, community and wider.

Happy Children

Young People are central to the work we do, their voice in our work is vitally important

YPAC Theory of Change

This is a brief model of the pathway for youthwork.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision at YPAC Manchester guide us to provide better services for young people in Manchester

Two man standing
Our Vision

For young people to know who they are and the impacts and opportunities of the context they grow up in order to achieve for themselves and make changes in their community, Manchester and the world.

Our Mission

We work with children and young people aged 6-20 who live in Miles Platting, Ancoats, Collyhurst, Harpurhey and Newton Heath. Through a variety of experiences, we enable young people to navigate the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood developing them as active members of society.

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Our Values

We have four values at YPAC
Participation By Choice
  • Voluntary Participation and Association
  • We create relationships which value mutual care and respect
  • We provide a warm and accepting space
  • We value Informal Education
Young People are Valuable
  • Young people are members and assets within their community
  • Young people are unique with individual abilities needs and values
  • Young people care about their communities and want to work to transform them
Young People’s Voice
  • Young people can use their knowledge and experiences to contribute to society
  • Young People have a say
  • Young people are active participants
  • Young People have increasing responsibility
We Are Inclusive
  • We create an anti-oppressive environment
  • We develop young people’s skills through mutual care and respect
  • We meet young people at the stage and situation of life they’re in
  • We listen to what young people have to say
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